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Dorset History Network Events

The Dorset History Network runs a variety of events including themed day schools, workshops and events centred on a particular place. There is an events group sub-committee planning and organising events.

Ideas for themes, offers of venues or help in organising events are always welcome. Please email us with details of how you can help.


Dorset History Network: The Way Forward (8 April 2017)

A celebration and consultation with DHN members to reminisce upon the 10th anniversary of the Network, and discuss how the Network can develop in the future. A full report on the day will be available shortly.

Building Local History Projects

A series of study days and workshops to help you nurture your interest in Local History. The sessions will bring together a mix of speakers with hands on experience of their own projects and research, together with practical have-a-go and discussion sessions.

Session One
‘What makes a local history project?’ 13 June 2015. This session focused on helping you to plan, design and run your own local history project and identify future skills building sessions you might need.

Session Two
‘Who collects what and why? 19 March 2016 The theme for this half-day session was Caring for Collections. This was one of the most requested items at our first session where members asked: Should we actively collect objects and archive material and if our group does decide to collect how should we care for them?

Other events of interest to our members

Please note that we promote member’s events on their dedicated member’s page or through the events diary. Occasionally we may promote a wider event, national or local that may be of interest to our members from a partner or previous speaker at one of our own events. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information in the events diary, please contact the member organisation for further information about any events. Details can be found on the members directory.