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Cotswold Archaeology research project

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Cotswold Archaeology has just been commissioned by Historic England to undertake a research project investigating possible Roman finds from the sea and coasts around England.

As well as investigating historic finds recorded on national databases we are keen to talk to organisations and individuals who may have knowledge of, or may have come into contact with, artefacts recovered from the sea or from coastal locations, as we are very interested in incorporating local knowledge into the project. The focus of the project is Roman but we would be happy to discuss any marine and marine-related finds for which the dating is uncertain.

We see this very much as a two way process – in return for your cooperation we would be happy to share our knowledge of any finds you might have. In addition, if it would be of interest we would be happy to give a presentation on Roman maritime activities. This collaborative method worked very well with the coastal museums in and around Whitstable and resulted in a far greater understanding of the Pudding Pan Roman wreck site:
We would be very interested in hearing from you if you have come across any marine-related finds or if you have heard of such finds. We would also be happy to discuss anything else which you feel may help inform our research.

You can either reply direct to Cotswold Archaeology at and copy us in, or let us have any information you may have so that we can co-ordinate a response on behalf of EDAS. We will be discussing this message at our next committee meeting in September.